Friday, June 15, 2012

I now have a shoe full of paint.

What? A shoe full of paint, you say? How in the hell did that happen?

Simple. I was painting and I have little talent in the painting department. Most green ordinary seaman are neater painters than I am and someone commented a few years back that given the choice between watching the Three Stooges or watching me paint, they would watch me paint something hands down.

I will admit that I am not a Rembrandt, Michaelangelo,or a Picasso. Nor an I a Dali that painted melting clocks. I am not an Andy Warhol that painted soup cans.

I am a Piccolo and sometimes I paint steel decks which is what I was doing earlier today. I had a 5 gallon can of haze grey and I was moving it when the damned can hit a stanchion and slopped a huge dallop of haze grey popped up, splashed out of the pail and covered the entire outboard side of my calf and it ran down my shoe and practically filled the damned thing up.

Painting steel decks is hot messy work for me. It is hot clean work for a lot of other guys because they seem to have the knack for it and I clearly do not. Some guys can paint an entire whatever while wearing a brand new suit and not get a single drop on them, but I am not blessed with this knack.

I can simply LOOK at a sealed can of the stuff and sure enough I'll find a spot on me somewhere.

Paint, however is not the worst thing I can work around, though. That prize belongs to roofing tar.

All is not last, though. While I am done painting for the day I have taken the culprit shoe off and scraped out the bulk of the gooey grey mess and with any luck it will dry overnight and I can resume painting tomorrow.

I went looking for my Topsiders after I parked my shoes and found I had left them home. A deckhand laughed and then cheerfully offered me a spare pair of work shoes that he said didn't fit him very well. I took him up on his kind offer and now I am shod in a pretty good pair of work shoes that he has informed me he does not want back.

They are the slip-on kind and I do not think I am going to paint in them, though because they look like they can hold 2 quarts of paint if I screw up again.

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