Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to the Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck Show

Parental warning: Some people might find this disturbing. Parental discretion advised.

I just saw a parental advisement disclaimer on a show about some kind of ghost story and I kind of kept an eye on it and saw little if anything on it that I would find a parental discretion disclaimer necessary. It is getting ridiculous over what some people might find disturbing or offensive.

Everything is offensive to someone so get over it. While I am sure there are Japanese that would simply find the history of the Enola Gay flight over Hiroshima to be offensive, there are likely Japanese that would find it interesting because it is common knowledge that the Japanese government glosses over WW2 in their educational institutions.

What the Enola Gay did was plainly and simply history and history is just that, history. It can't be changed. Many people find it to be a pretty dry subject because of that, but I can't say it is offensive.

Still, there is nothing to be offended by when you are talking about the historical truth, and generally speaking there is nothing to be offended by in anything that says 'Disney' on it.

Yet there are a few people that can find something wrong with anything. Someone will find something to whine about in a Mickey Mouse cartoon. It's just the way it is. No matter what, someone is going to be offended.

I think it is time to take a big step backwards and just stop worrying about what offends who and just go back to plowing straight ahead.

Like I told someone that said he didn't like my blog, Rocky, Moose and Vito ain't gonna break your legs if you don't read it, so if you don't like it, don't open it up.

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