Thursday, June 21, 2012

One of the things Americans are

 forgiving of are expensive mistakes, or even a fast one if the dirty deed doer comes clean when they are caught.

One of the things Americans are not forgiving of is a cover-up when the mistake is discovered.

Eric Holder has been directed by Congress to turn in a lot of paperwork in the 'Fast and Furious' operation and has refused to do so and now stands in contempt of Congress. Apparently President Obama has taken charge of the cover-up using an executive order to keep Congress from getting ther paperwork.

It is going to get interesting pretty soon.

Maybe we will get lucky and get rid of both of them come November.

I met a guy that I knew from my early days out here and he has gotten old and gray unlike me who still looks like a teenager. At least that's my opinion, but I have been wrong before. It is interesting where our lives have run parallel and where they haven't. I guess he works shoreside in the office sometimes which is good for him but I would not last an instant in an office. I am a field guy.


I got to see another piece of fine steel work today and it made me grin. There was some pitting on a piece of steel that had to be mended so one of the master welders added steel to the piece and then ground it off flat. Besides being good with a welder he is an artist with a grinder because when he was done it looked like a mirror and when I ran a straight edge over it the entire thing was a perfect plane.

When I see some guy in New York spatter paint on a canvas and has his showing and has babes in long dresses sipping champagne and oohing and ahhing over this guy's masterpiece it makes me wonder about the values of the huan race.

If the welder gets caught smoking pot or something, he goes directly to jail and does not pass 'Go' and collect $200. If the artist gets nailed, he generally gets sent to rehab for a couple of weeks and gets a deferred sentence, etc.

Then a couple of months later he spatters more paint on canvas and has another show and everyone there oohs and ahhs about his latest artistic accomplishment and how he overcame substance abuse to really show the world how wonderful he is.

Meanwhile the welder sits in the can until his sentence is up and if he is lucky he finds another lower paying job than he had when he got popped.

Speaking of art, what's wrong with this picture?

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