Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I meet my maker I want to go peacefully in my sleep the same way my late Uncle Fred did.

I do not want to go out screaming, weeping and all panicky the way my Aunt Louise and three cousins did as the car Uncle Fred fell asleep at the wheel of went hurtling over a cliff.


Today I told the tank cleaners that for their good work I wanted to treat them all to a night of hookers whisky and blow.

Of course, their faces lit up until I told them I could not afford to do such a thing and then they all looked somewhat hangdog.

It was then that I pointed out that at least I was thinking about them and wished I could reward their work which is a lot more than most people that take these guys for granted.

They agreed on that to the man and said I was one of the few that appreciated their efforts to try and do a good job.

While it isn't a sure thing, it is likely that the crew will do a little better job knowing that at least someone appreciates them. The investment of being nice to people costs nothing and generally pays pretty good dividends.

This holds especially true to guys like tank cleaners who have a truly nasty, hot, dirty and miserable job to do.


I am beat. It has been a long day but a lot got done.

Anyway, I am going to be a sore puppy tonight but will wake up refreshed because tonight I am eating a steak for dinner.

Belay that. Looks like a pizza. It is quick and fills the belly.

One thing that has made my day is that I did not have to deal with any stupid today. None.

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