Saturday, June 16, 2012

I bought a new 'work out in the sun' hat which lookes like something Audrey Hepburn

would have worn but like the last strat colored one that came with a pretty lavender bow to tie around my chin to keep it on in the wind, this one is neon pink. It looks like something a fat lady would wear to the beach.

I think I paid $2 for it and it is the best think I have found for painting on deck. It keeps me cool and I do not burn in the sun. Anyone that has worked in the sun knows how useful a wide brim on a hat is.

A contractor came aboard, a woman with a neon pink hard hat and saw my lovely beach hat and smiled.

She said, "You wear that color because people look at you and think there is something wrong with you so thay stay away from you. That way you can get some work done."


Someone gets it.

She also told me where I can get a neon pink hard hat.


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  1. You strike me as a type that would appreciate a pith helmet; the style worn by the British when they fought the Boers!

  2. I have one of those. I wear it with a bush jacket, khaki shorts and knee socks when I go to the zoo.