Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, the cat got neutered OK

and for some reason he seems to be adapting to his surroundings and appears to be coming around which is good. He just needs to know that he's found a gravy train and that nobody here will hurt him.

He's an interesting animal and I think he had a close call with a hawk or something as he always seems to look up and prefers places to park that have overhead cover. I suppose I'll go to the liquor store and snag a couple of wine boxes for him to hole up in.

I think he's going to be all right. I had to give him antibiotics this morning and he gave a little token resistance but took his medicine which means I have already gotten the little guys trust.

In other gnus I have a lot to do today and the hits just keep on coming as there is a tree down back that needs to be bucked up and made to go away. I want to do this while the thing is still green and soft and will saw up easily. Spruce dries out fast when it is cut down so I want to act fast.

Of course, when someone else says that the tree is not a priority because they have other things slated for my time then a disagreement occurs. Inevitably someone thinks that the priority is to make sure the inside of the linen closet gets painted.

That linen closet isn't going to go anywhere. Nobody is going to steal it nor is anyone likely to break in and paint the thing the wrong color. It can stay there forever and be ready to be painted when things are favorable.

However, the tree will dry out and become more difficullt to deal with. It's best to deal with it pronto.

Getting someone to understand that is difficult for some reason and generally it gets dealt with using the old reason of "Because I said so' and this causes noses to get bent. I hate doing this but I hate having something turn into three or four times the work even worse so I guess I'm just going to have to do what I have to do and become the bad guy again.

I try and deal with things logically and therein lies the problem. People are emotional and when that linen closet gets stuck in their mind they will generally carry on until it gets painted. The shed could catch fire and if you are painting the linen closet yu might just as well let it burn or else face moaning, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Anyway, happy Sattiddy mawnin".

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