Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, I am at sea and Mrs Pic just gave me a call and told me she has just spotted another stray orange kitty.

 She asked me if I would take care of it if she rescued the little guy

Of course, I said I would as there has not been a cat in my house in over a year and a cat is a good thing to have for a guy like me. I like having one and orange cats and I seem to get along quite nicely because of their nature.

They are smart and affectionate and every now and then they cop a pretty good kittytude.

The last one I had would walk with me on a leash with dignity and I would don a pair of sunglasses and a white cane and pass him off as a guide animal. I would post some of the adventures we had much to the amusement of others. It is astonishing how many people actually believed that the little guy was a bona fide Seeing Eye cat and make total fools out of themselves.

A couple of times I would play the part of a blind man and ask people for directions and things and have them explain things to the cat. Several people did and a lot of other mischief ensued, too.

Things tend to come in threes and I have had two orange cats so do not be surprised when you start reading about Piccolo and his new cat.

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  1. I look forward to more SEC epicness.