Saturday, June 2, 2012

So Mrs Pic called me and told me about the cat she rescued

and will be living with me.

He's an orange male and needs to be neutered. She reports he's a little on the wild side, but I ought to be able to get him settled down pretty quickly.

I seem to have a way with cats for some reason. Often when I visit someone they will tell me that their cat is shy and hides or doesn't like strangers only too find the little feline comes up to me or sometimes to their astonishment will jump up on my lap. I do not know why this is but it is what it is.

 I suppose it is a 2 way street as they seem to come into my life at odd times. Tokie was a lot of fun but he kept me from going nuts. The Black kitty that we lost last spring was a pretty good cat, but for some reason the basic Orange cat seems to do well with me.

We were in a fishing port a while back and as a fishing boat ghosted by my shipmate asked me if I missed commercial fishing. I told him I did not. I do not like the smell of Icy Hot and Ben Gay on young men that have beaten their bodies numb.

I suppose it is like the attitude an awful lot of WW2 vets had until the day they died. "I'd never want to do it again, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

There is a pretty good looking plate of spaghetti sitting in the reefer waiting for me to eat it. My shipmate made a huge bunch and it looks good. He told me to help myself. My dileimma now is whether to heat it up or eat it cold. I like cold spaghetti for some reason. I used to make it at home sometimes and not even bother eating it when it was hot. I'd make it for breakfast the night before and chill it.

Still, hot spaghetti sounds ok, too.

You have to figure that life is pretty good when all you have to worry about is if you are going to eat a pretty good meal cold or hot.

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