Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel Mystery Oil seems to have changed their label a bit which sucks.

It's been there since 1923 and the old cans were cool. I can understand switching to plastic, though but they have changed the label a bit and it just doesn't seem to be as neat as the old label was. It used to have pyramids and all sorts of cool old style symbols on it but I bet someone complained or something and they caved in to being politically correct.

Without the pyramids and stuff, Marvel Mystery oil just doesn't seem as mysterious.

Aunt Jemima changed a few years back and the older one was a lot better. The new Aunt Jemima looks like she has a degree in dietary sciences from Johns Hopkins and wants you to eat tofu for breakfast or some such crap. I'd bet she couldn't cook for sour apples.

The old Aunt Jemima looked like she could whip a breakfast up that would both fill you up for a long day and plug up your arteries. She looked like one hell of a good cook.

I imagine someone like Fat Al and Jesse Jackson raised hell with the people that make it and called it demeaning, which it certainly was not.

I will say the one before her back in the 30s was demeaning, though.

From time to time companies change logos in an effort to improve sales and I wonder if it does any good.

I think Marvel Mystery oil is still going strong after all of these years so I wonder why they bothered changing the label on the can.

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