Friday, October 12, 2012

I am not a political analyst of any means.

 When I write something about the election it is generally an observation based on what I have seen simply by noticing things I see on a day by day basis.

When I say that I see fewer bumper stickers and home signs that is all it means. I simply make my predictions on what I see.

I do travel up and down the northeast coast and see a lot of the world out of a porthole but from time to time I get to see what's going ashore. It should also be carefully noted that because I do see the northeast coast the cities I deal with tend to be pretty liberal. I do not see the rest of the country.

Still, what interests me about this election is that in these bastions of liberals along the east coast I fail to see as much Obama activity as I have seen four years ago when he was elected. Four years ago in Philly for example, you saw nothing but Obama stickers everywhere. You couldn't drive fifty feet without seeing an Obama sticker or poster or something.

Philly has been a democratic town for decades and there are a lot of people there that do not even know who the candidates are but go to the polls and pull the straight democratic ticket lever. Yet I do not see anywhere near the number of Obama stickers I saw four years ago.

While I am not so naive to think that there is going to be any difference this year in the way Philly goes, I simply see that people do not seem as stirred up as they were.

Philly is basically corrupt and the stories regarding voter fraud in that city are rife. Come election time it said to be time to break out the vans, hit the projects and get them to vote at one set of polls and then load them up and take them down to the next precinct. Vote early, vote often.

I think partly because of this, the entire state of Pennsylvania will vote blue as it often does. It takes an awful lot to overcome the voter fraud in Philly.

Incidentally, I think that voter fraud should be taken very seriously and prosecuted. Anyone voting illegally should get at least a year of hard labor picking up trash or working on infastructure projects out in the weather and those organizing it should simply be executed.

On this, to the "Gee, he only organized people to vote", I will reply that he organized people to vote FRAUDENTLY and as a result tampered with a free election which is the basis of our civilization. An organized effort to vote fraudulenty is something intolorable. It ought to be paid for dearly and I think it should be a capital crime. (Try getting a politician to vote that one in, especially one that has been put into office by a corrupt machine.)

While I am on the subject of fraudulent voting, the recent efforts to pass voter ID laws are a fair and reasonable thing to do to promote fair elections. When I hear someone babble that voter ID laws are not fair, I simply ask them why they support fraudulent voting. Generally it is the crook that hates to see law enforced.

Back on topic.

This election appears to me to be the most blah one I can remember and like I said in a past post, it looks like Mitt Romney may very well win.

Today's unrelated tip. If you know you are going to be out of cell range for any length of time, simply turn the damned thing off. You are not going to be able to use it, anyway and when it is out of range of a tower it simply goes nuts trying to acquire a signal and really uses up an awful lot of battery. What we do when we are running the coast is turn them off when we know we are out of range and every so often we turn them on and check to see if we're in range. If we are not we simply turn them off again.

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