Friday, October 5, 2012

Yesterday I mentioned getting dragged into someone else's business.

It was a woman nagging at her 24 year old son to get married so she can have some grandchildren to bounce on her knee.

What a selfish, forgetful one-way bitch!

Did it ever occur to her that maybe her son is gay or that he doesn't want to get married or one of another of a string string of good reasons?

No. She just wants grandchildern she can spoil and send back to the parents after undoing their hard wrk of parenting. She doesn't give a damn about if her son marries some dumbass, but she should.

Picture the scenario that her Sonny Boy marries some 20 something little chickie that's going to roll out a couple or three fast kids just because she''s looking for a meal ticket. Ten years down the line she decides she's not happy after he has been coming home every night to a house smelling like boiled cabbage. She leaves and takes the kids and moves out of state leaving her Sonny Boy paying through the nose to three kids he can't afford to even visit.

The only place he can see his kids is when they show up on The Jerry Springer Show.

Maybe Sonny Boy may in fact WANT to settle down and raise a couple of kids, but he's putting it off a while until he gets his career stablized because he knows that it will open the availability of another entirely different class of women to him. He's looking for a successful woman to marry because he knows success breeds success and that failure breeds failure.

Successful women are not really interested in risking getting tied down to a deadbeat and I can't say as I blame them.

One of the things in this world I really do not think very much of is designing parents that are trying to design their kids to do things to make them happy instead of just letting their kids find their own happiness.

While my own mother used to kid me once in a while, both my parents put my happiness first and did a pretty good job of letting me decide how I wanted to live my own life.

They seemed to be disappointed in me at first but over time they learned to respect me for living my life the way I chose.

I'm pretty grateful for that.

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