Thursday, October 11, 2012

The reason I think that Romney might be able to pull this election off

I just got through squaring the deck away and now have a couple minutes to make my post of the day.

I am not a good typist as I have said before and generally when I post I don't do much more than give things a fast scan because these posts are generally made on the fly.

Anyway, we have an election coming up and it isn't much of an election because I do not see any enthusiasm toward either of the candidates like I generally do. Four years ago the match was a little more spirited and I saw a lot more signs and stickers.

Truth is that I think there is a pretty good chance that Mitt Romney is coming out of this one on top because I do not see the enthusiasm toward President Obama that I did four years ago. The general consensus among a lot of people is that he has failed and failed miserably.

The general consensus about Romney seems to be that he is just another lackluster party hack of some sort that the Republicans have put up.

Nobody is fired up too much about either candidate and from the way I look at it, there's pretty good reason but I won't get into that.

 is because the people that voted for Obama four years ago are not as likely to muster up the time or energy to even go and vote and the people that can't stand Obama are likely to go to the polls just to vote him out.

If Obama gets the boot this election it will not be because the majority of the people in the country voted FOR Obama as they voted AGAINST him.

I suppose the same holds true if Obama is reelected.

This to me sounds like another election that people go to the polls to vote against someone rather than for someone but this is not a new thing because we haven't had anyone to really to vote FOR in quite a while.

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