Saturday, October 20, 2012

Piccolo meets a pretty good cop.

I was scoping the water tower area out again to set up my PRC 320 on for the weekend and when I got there there were a few people in the lodge right next to it doing something. I paid them no mind and pulled out my compass and started shooting a few azimuths because I want to orient the antenna wire toward Australia.

I was pacing off what looked like a pretty good line and walked past the lodge building and someone asked me what I was doing. When I told them a woman nearby came over. I asked her if there was anything going on in the lodge tomorrow and she told me there was going to be a wedding and that she had rented the lodge.

I told her about my planes and made it very clear that I was going to stay well clear of any doings and would post no problem as I would set up shop in an out of the way part of the lot. She acted pleasant but I smelled something I did not like the scent of. I walked out back into the lot and waited.

I figured she was going to call the police as soon as my back was turned and not more than three minutes later a policeman arrived on scene. He drove straight up to her, listened to her and then drove over to me and asked me a couple of questions about my plans on setting up radio gear. I gave straight answers, telling him I had planned on staying on the other side of a nearby fence and using the unused ball field and staying out of their hair.

We recognized each other. We have seen each other before when I went hilltopping in the same spot a while ago.

He nodded, and told me that as long as I stayed on the other side of the fence I was good to go.

Then I said something to the cop. I told him that I had spoken to the woman and she was all right with things and there would be no problem and as soon as my back was turned she called you guys. I told the cop that that was just plain wrong. I hate being stabbed in the back like that.

He told me he gets calls like this all the time and I told him I wasn't surprised at all. I told him likely twenty five percent sounded right. He said probably more than that.

"Are you working tomorrow?" I asked.

He was. I told him that no matter what I did it was likely the woman was going to call and accuse me of something. Two faced people are like that. I asked him if he knew of any other spots and he suggested Nob Hill and I agreed it was likely a good spot.

We chatted briefly about how he had seen me a couple of times before and he commented on how nice I had been to the woman and her kid. I smirked and reminded him of the brassy woman that had demanded to know what I was doing and he smiled. I had told that women, "It's classified, Ma'am. If I tell you, I have to kill you." He remembered that one and smirked.

"How about if you tell that woman that the best way to keep me away tomorrow is to rent the ball field," I said. "If she doesn't want me near this place, she should rent it so I can't. That way she has nothing to gripe about. The again, she can think I am coming tomorrow and here entire wedding will be ruined by some guy in the ball field across the fence."

"I can do that." he said and backed up to the lodge. A minute later the woman came out of the lodge, got in her car and left. The cop returned.

"She's renting the ball field," he said.

"Good deal," I said. "I'll go to Nob Hill tomorrow. Thanks for getting me my pound of flesh."

"How's that?" he asked.

"She's renting the ball field. It'll cost her money," I replied. "I wouldn't have pushed the issue if she hadn't backstabbed me. I would have likely gone somewhere else if she had asked nicely, but she didn't. She backstabbed me."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Actually I hate calls like this."

"I hate having to deal with them myself," I replied. "Like I said, if she was straight with me I would have simply offered to go away if she wasn't so dishonest. Let's call this a win/win. You won't get another call tomorrow and I get Nob Hill. Maybe you can take a leak and not have your radio go off as soon as you unzip your fly." He laughed.

"Sounds good to me." he said.
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