Sunday, October 7, 2012

So some terrorist that the Brits extradited is griping

 because they took his prosthetic arms from him during the flight to the States. Too damned bad.

Of course the do-gooders of this world will feel sorry for the guy, but I am not one of the do-gooders of this world. I feel sorry for the widows and children that guys like this create. I feel sorry for the dismembered people they are responsible for dismembering. I feel sorry for the poor federal marshals that had to go and get this son of a bitch because they will be pretty tired after a long flight.

But for some reason the needle on my care-o-meter fails to lift off the peg when I hear that they took his prosthetic arms away from him during the flight.

If the poor bastards that had to fly across the ocean to haul this animal back to the States for trial decided to beat him up for causing them the trouble I might have said something. I would have suggested that they were fined a dollar. That's about it.

While for well over the past decade I have had a bellyfull of Islamic terrorists and their assaults on my way of life, there is something that I have had a bigger bellyfull of and that is whiney little people running to their defense.

The do-gooders all gripe that our prison at Guantanamo Bay is a national disgrace and this is one thing I agree with, but for different reasons. It is a disgrace that we are so kind to these miserable bastards. We follow the Geneva conventions and treat these people with respect and feed them a diet approved by their religion yet they throw urine at the Marines guarding them.

Feed them what the MArines eat and call it good and if the Marines decide that all of a sudden they want ham, bacon and sausage three times a day, then too damned bad. You don't want it? Don't eat it.

Do these people follow the Geneva convention? Answer: No. They butcher any of our troops that capture and there is one miserable little secret that the GIs don't talk about that they learned from history from other people that have fought in Afghanistan.

Tommy Atkins, the British equivilent of GI Joe generally kept a round in his pocket in case he ran out of ammunition fighting these people. He kept it seperate and he kept it for himself. I'll bet a lot of our GIs do the same damned thing because Al Quida and the Taliban don't play by the Geneva convention.

We do, and we're suckers for it.

As for the guy griping about not having the use of his prosthetic arms, that's just too damned bad.

What they ought have done to him while he didn't have the use of his hands is prophis eyelids open and tie his head facing the airplane's on-board movie screen and run back to back X-rated porno movies.

As for the apologists, whiners, do-gooders and crybabies, that's just too damned bad.

Want something to cry about? I can think of something.

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