Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, time for my daily post.

and I have half a mind to just let the damned cat write this one as I have already had to start over twice as he has crossed the keyboard twice. Why cats do that is beyond me. They take to keyboards like the moon draws water.

The HF rig is on for background but it is suprisingly quiet as I have not heard Jda, Jim or Nancy yet on the YL system. This is rare. I have a bellyful of beer pancakes and tactical bacon and am washing it down with some of my nasty coffee.

I have a lot to do today.

Today is Ocoober 1st and I looked at the calendar and saw that in a few days we celebrate Colombus Day which is a joke as he was nothing more than a ruthless murderer and enslaver of the natives of the islands he supposidly discovered.

Of course, he discovered nothing because they were already people there. It is like me hopping on a jet to Rome and when I get offf I announce that I have discovered Italy.

You can bet your ass that if I did that they Italians are not very likely to name a day after me and label it a holiday. I might get to meet a couple of nice young men in clean white coats and be given a very long sleeved jacket to wear, though.

Piccolo Day, Italian National holiday, named after the discoverer of Italy. Yeah, right.

Then again, it the 'anything for a party' gang got their hands on it and ran with it, it could become a day of celebration as the Italians celebrate taking some idiot American to the booby hatch.

I just mentionedearlier that Jda, Jim or Nancy have not shown up on the air for some reason. I heard a faint call for check-ins and answered and I'll be damned if I wasn't a member residing in Australia. He was fairly readable so I checked in. Cool!

There are members of the YIISSB system all over the world.

Anyway I suppose life is now pretty good. I have bitched about Colombus, checked in with Australia and the cat is nibbling on my toes for some reason.

I suppose it gets better than this, but this ain't so bad so I'll just enjoy it while I can. After all, I have a lot of stuff to take care of today.


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