Sunday, October 21, 2012

My sweetie dropped by the other night.

She's four years old and already a charmer.

A couple of years ago I wrote about her when her dad put up the Christmas lights. She was really shy and I offered her my index finger so we could walk across the street and look at the lights. Her curiosity overcame her shyness and she took my finger and I got to see her face light up. It was truly a precious moment.

Ever since that she has been my sweetie and now she is four.

Her dad, her brother and I had a little business to conduct as his son had taken care of my cat for a day and it was payday and I had to cough up six bucks. When my sweetie heard they were coming over she wanted to visit so they took her.

When they walked in I took one look at her and she took one look at me and she 'wanted to come up' so I lifted her and looked at her dad and brother.

"Now, THIS is business," I said and the little girl and I traded hugs and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The dad thought that was pretty cool because I had my priorities straight. He laughed when I said that I was attending to business first.

Then I put her down and paid my bill to her older brother and made it clear he had done a good job. He had.


Someone asked me why I moved to Pittsburgh from Alaska.

I told them that it was unsafe. I found out that 87% of all accidents occur within 10 miles of home so I figured I'd best get the hell out of there so I moved to Pittsburgh.

Watching him try and figure that one out was worth watching.

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