Monday, October 15, 2012

One ot the things I have noticed that appears to me to be as racist as hell is that a Florida school board has just decided to pass a plan for racially based academic goals.

What a crock! This is a major insult to an entire race and when you look at it, it is stuff like this that keeps the black man down.

If I were a minority I would be livid at the insult! I guess some liberal do gooders have decided to pick up White Man's Burden and carry our little brown brothers on their shoulders because they think minorities are not as smart or talented as the rest of us.

Sorry about that, but that $hit doesn't flush in the Piccolo realm because unlike the people that have passed that little insult to a race, Old Pic believes that race has nothing to do with talent and that there are talented people out there of all races and colors.

I have posted before that racism is not going to go away until a number of things happen and one of them is that we all have to be judged by the same equal standard.

Why have we just insulted an entire race? It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I suppose you readers have pegged me as a cynical old man, and to a point I'll fess up and say 'You got that one right', but there is one area I am not a cynical old man. I have a faith in the human race that says that if someone wants to they can succeed, but they have to work at it and meet the existing fair standards. Success is not determined by race. It is determined by brains and hard work and nobody has convinced me that any particular race has a monopoly on brains ot the ability to work hard.

This policy is also one hell of a hard slap in the face to those minorities that have gotten up off of their asses and made something of themselves because it undermines their personal success. It's too easy to have your success undermined when people can whisper behind your back that the only way you got where you are is because you are a member of a minority group.

Things like making academic goals based on race do nothing more than tell people that we're different and the truth is, we're not. I still believe in what Dr. King said when he said, "There's only one race and that's the human race."

I wish that the do-gooders of this world would simply put down white man's burden and sit back and be patient because when we are all judged by the same standard and stop treating each other differently because some whack job pipe smoker with a beard that pretends to work in a college somewhere decides something stupid that things will work themselves out.

I think the best way to hande this situation is to force every single one of our elected officials to utilize monority professionals for their financial and medical proceedures. Not a competent self made minority professional, either, but a product of their own making. Someone that was graded on a lesser scale.

When the clowns that voted this kind of crap have to go in for a major operation and as they go under the anesthesia and notice that the the doctor has a bone in his nose and is shaking a rattle that maybe that wasn't a very good idea.

Then again, he may not notice it because he is wondering how he is going to pay for this operation because the accountant he hired to take care of his financial matters has just left him wondering which bridge he is going to sleep under when he gets released from the hospital if he doesn't get planted in the dirt after the operation.

I simply wish that they would hold everyone accountable to the same standards and leave well enough alone. If you do this in a generation or two a lot of the minorities that want into the professions will decide to take advantage of things and the problem will likely solve itself.

Put down white man's burden and let these people take care of themselves. In a generation or two you had better get the hell out of the way, though because they will be your fierce competition.


We have too many laws in this country to protect the stupid. We ought to remove all of the safety stickers from things and simply let the problem solve itself.


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