Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm prepared. I bought a bottle of bourbon.

Yesterday I had some errands to run and got to see some pretty good stupidity on the part of people that were supposidly stocking up in case the big storm knocks the power out. Of course I glanced into a few shopping carts and what I saw made me wonder. Some people are just plain stupid.

Here we have people worrying about losing electricity and yet they are stocking up on frozen foors and stuff that needs refrigeration. Yessiree, we'll just sit out the storm eating ice cream.

Of course you have to remember that you are going to have to start eating the ice cream either as soon as or very shortly after we lose power or else you will be eating some awful kind of goo.

Just before a major storm really isn't the time to stock up on things that need refrigeration.

I posted somewhere else that my entire preperation for the storm consisted on buying a bottle of bourbon and someone I know asked me about it. I told them that when I heard the news that a major storm was brewing I glanced into the cabinet and saw that I had enough stuff to last me several days and only really needed a jug to get by reasonably comfortable.

After all, I really don't plan on spending a storm grilling steaks in the back yard during a hurricane. There is enough stuff in the fridge to get me by and if we lose power and that stuff goes bad I can go into the cabinets and conjure up something halfway decent to eat. It may not meet the approval of Martha Stewart but it will keep me alive and healthy.

A storm like this can really do some damage and it is best to be somewhat prepared for the worst but it is pretty unlikely that anyone is going to lose power for more than a few days.

One thing I really ought to get, though, is a generator large enough to run the furnace and maybe the refrigerator. A quick calculation says that a 3.5 KW rig would get me by running a refrigerator and the furnace. I suppose a 5 kw would be about right. There would be a little extra for lights and a few other odds and ends.

WHile I suppose that this isn't the time to think about that, maybe this summer I can scam one off of Craigslist because that seems to be the time that stuff like that sells cheap.

Oh, well. I'm prepared.

After all, I bought a bottle of bourbon.

It beats buying ice cream.
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    Check out govliquidation website. Decent gensets can sometimes be had for a song.


  2. Once upon a time I was always prepared for when a storm would hit because I really didn't need much. My cupboards were full of can goods and all I needed was to fill up some jugs with water.

    But I was single back then.

    Now, my wife has to make sure we have all these fancy cheeses and crackers and tons of fancy foods that don't need to be frozen. Really? I'm trying to stay on a diet and she's just stacked the house with cookies and chips and all these treats that I'm trying to avoid.

    The one thing I have to avoid is milk. That's for my daughter, even though I love milk. She needs it more than I do.