Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is almost noon and the day is already shot

because of people that havde put things off until the last minute which really irks the hell out of me.

They have a couple of weeks to get things done but put it off until the last minute and then they get upset when I tell them I don't have time because I have important things to do.

Of course there are a (small) handful of people that I will drop things for and help because they have their act together.

Someone needed help loading a dryer into the back of a pickup and I know that I will be in and out of there in about two minutes because he will have everything cleared out and all I have to do is grab my end, walk it straight to the truck, stick it on there and leave.

Generally when you arrive to do something like that the person looks at you like a startled fawn and starts moving stuff and digging the whatever out from behind thirteen tons of crap it is buried behind and you wind up losing an afternoon.

So far I have told three people thay will have to wait a while before I can help them and when two of them griped, they were told that it is their own damned fault because they procrastinated.

Not my problem.

In other news the guy down the street got a new car and it is some kind of hybrid and he is bragging about how he is going to get super gas milage.

Bob and I are going to do what we did the last time someone ran their mouth about good gas milage. A couple of times a week we toss a gallon of gas in his tank when he isn't looking. He then thinks he is getting 165.2 mpg. The first time he services it we stop adding gas to his tank and the milage drops to what it is supposed to be and then he goes back to the dealer and makes a fool of himself by bellyaching about how his milage dropped since he had it serviced.

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