Thursday, December 4, 2014

After the recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York

Fearless leader has decreed we now need a federal police force to add to the numerous federales we already have. It's the  last thing we need.

It would instantly turn into nothing more than another federal boondoggle of chaos and stupidity and another attempt at a one size fits all solution to a non existent problem.

Local police forces generally reflect the values of the community it serves and can generally be managed by the populace through city or town leaders.

I know the city leadership here does a pretty good job of keeping their eye on the locals and as a result I enjoy the services of a pretty good police force. They generally do a pretty good job of things here and treat the locals with a respect. For what it's worth, response time is incredible.

I feel pretty content having these guys police my town. They do a pretty good job of reflecting the values of the community.

The town one down towards the city has a different set of problems and their force is a little different. Our officers sometimes refer to them as 'the Border Patrol' because that town serves as a buffer to the north end of the city. They have a reputation of being a little tougher.

When I say that local cops serve local needs I guess the analogy I can make is when Lefty and I go on a road trip together. If we are in New York City and are passing through Times Square and the call of nature hits it is not a very good idea to pull up to the curb, hop out and pump the bilges on the sidewalk. If a member of New York's Finest happens to be driving by he's going to stop, blow his whistle and throw a couple of penalty markers. Jail is a pretty good possibility.

On the other hand, if Lefty and I are on the side of Route PA 86.4 somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Potter County and a sheriff's deputy passes us then most likely he won't bother to bat an eyelash. Most likely he did the same thing about thirty minutes earlier. It's no big deal.

A Federal police force would do very little and would even be a detriment to society when you think about it. It would turn into a massive federal boondoggle and do little but to upset local customs.

For one thing there would be no way to keep an eye on things from a local level. Getting rid of a poor officer would take (probably literally) an act of congress. Complaints of a substandard cop would likely be next to impossible to lodge. You'd likely he mailed a form to fill out and send it that some government employee would toss into the wastebasket.

Local customs would fall by the wayside. An example of this would be the farmer that had fields on both side of a county road. He drives his tractor across the street to get to his lower 40. 

While technically illegal, none of the locals really care and he's been doing this for decades. Most likely the Feds would put the kibosh on that sort of thing and try and make us all behave in the same way.

An officer that grew up in Philly and was assigned to Mayberry would go crazy inside a month and a cop from Mayberry assigned to Philly would be stomped in an instant.

Nobody would benefit and the whole thing would be just one more expensive federal debacle that we simply can't afford.

This is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction on the part of the president over the plain and simple fact that a pair of men involved in illegal activity decided to resist arrest, fought with police officers and lost.

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