Monday, December 15, 2014

If you are

 a serving GI on active duty and especially if you are overseas I have a little piece of advice for you. I have been reminded of this little trick because of the old black and white western I am watching right now.

If you are in danger of being over run by an enemy force get on the horn fast to the nearest Cav unit. It doesn't matter where they are, just call them.

According to my observations of 63 years I have never heard of or seen the United States Cavalry arrive too late to save the day.

I'll also add that back in the old west all the woman wore bullet bras. Check it out sometime when an old horse opera comes on the air.

Big hair was also popular in the old west, too. The woman all looked like the Dallas Cowboys cheer leaders.

There is also always a guy in a fancy suit that stirs up a lot of crap. I have always wondered why nobody ever just socks the guy. I figure if he got his face rearranged a time or two he's stop making trouble for everyone else.

There is also a special rifle they had back then that was popular with pioneer women. If a woman pointed it directly in the air, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger she would knock an Indian off of a fast horse at 600 yards.

Back then revolvers were more accurate, too. A sheriff could be leading a posse chasing the bad guys 600 yards ahead of them and knock one of them out of the saddle.

It was a double edged, sword, though. A bad guy could turn around in the saddle, shoot and knock a posse lead rider out of the saddle where he was sure to be trampled by the horses of the guys behind him.

What is interesting about the American western movie is that they are 100% All-American entertainment and one of the biggest exports Hollywood has ever created. They can only be considered American.

You likely could not pull off a High Noon type showdown on the Champs Elysees or Red Square very well unless you were Mel Brooks. 

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  1. Actually A Lot Were Filmed In Italy In Italian nonetheless!

    Spaghetti Westerns is the genre.

    A number of Clint Eastwood's are on this group.

  2. Italy and Spain, IIRC. Still, they are filmed to make it an American thing.

    It would be hard to pull off a High Noon showdown in the Via Vento in downtown Rome.