Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Up a bit early

Another day another dollar.

I haven't had soft boiled eggs in years and it sounds pretty good to me this morning. We'll see what happens.

It's overcast as I sit here looking out over the backyard and I can't help but wonder where the deer are now. They tripped the lights an hour or so ago and I know they're out there but the timing seems odd.

Last night when the young man dropped by for a few minutes I looked at him and we went back to back near a mirror. He's got only about an inch to go and he'll be my height. He's 12 and growing like a weed.

I have printer box from an HP printer this year for my annual Piccolo gets ripped off night out. The box is full of some pretty nasty fish garbage I have been holding on to in a plastic pail for this purpose. It's been bagged up and is in the printer box awaiting whoever steals it to open it and retch.

I do something like this every Christmas time for a couple of decades and it has never failed that someone takes the bait. Last year it was a huge generator box full of scrap steel and garbage. It was in the bed of my pickup and whoever stole it probably got a herniated disc or three as it weighed a ton. 

I wonder who is going to end up opening this box. It's an HP printer box and likely the guy that steals it will have no use for it and will try and sell it as unopened. Maybe some business owner will get stuck with it. Who knows?

I guess I'll try parking at the mall today or this evening and see what happens.

Yesterday I pulled up alongside a parked police cruiser. When the cop, whom I know vaguely, opened the window I smiled.

"Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is over and we enter another Yuletide  which is the season of expectations, disappointment, anger, frustration, fights over parking places, domestic violence, drunken stupidity and other bad things as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Policemen all over this great nation of ours all privately wish they had a month's vacation saved and rue going to the beach  last summer with their families because they wish they had the time off now. Stay safe, be careful, and when you drive through my neighborhood on 3 January I want to see the 'Thank God it's over' look on your face."

He looked almost confused for a second while he digested what I had said to him and then looked at me with understanding.

"Thank you," he said. 

I drove off thinking for the 3945th time that being a cop over Christmastime is a job I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

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