Monday, December 22, 2014

I don't have a whole lot of time and I have to whip out a post.

Two New York City police officers were murdered a couple of days ago and a lot of people have cheered. A curse be upon those cheering what is nothing but a cold blood murder.

Some call it revenge for the killings that took place in Ferguson and New York. Revenge for what?

While the killing of Eric Garner could be possibly considered a little murky, depending on a number of things, the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson was a simple case of self defense.

There is no joy in a murder like the one that just took the life of 2 police officers and no justification for it at all. There is also no joy to be had in the killings of Brown and Garner.

I will be the first to say that the police should be watched because in many situations letting them run without any supervision does lead to corruption. It's just human nature. People will do what they can get away with an for some officers the urge to take shortcuts will win if they are not supervised.

Maybe in a few places the police are getting out of hand, maybe not. Frankly I think it depends on the community but I'll let that one rest for now.

Fact remains that murdering policemen is not the thing to do to change things. It is the job of the community to let the police know what is acceptable and what isn't.

The whole truth in a nutshell is the community gets the kind of police force it deserves.

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