Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So the Michael Brown riots are settling down

 and Ferguson is most likely getting ready to sweep up the ashes.

The last two major outbursts from the black community involving the death of a young black male have been guys that were doing nothing wrong, right?

Treyvon Martin was simply walking down the street with an armload of books on his way to read to a blind friend that was working on his degree in engineering. Suddenly George Zimmerman got out of a pickup wearing the full regalia of a Klansman and while shouting racial epithets gunned down poor little Treyvon in cold blood, right?

Michael Brown was wheeling a cart of meals on wheels to make sure the elderly got a decent meal when out of nowhere a police officer drove up and shot the poor man down execution style, right?

How about 'no'. That's not what happened.

Let's get to the facts of both of these two.

Martin beat Zimmerman half senseless  Zimmerman decided he didn't like getting beaten up and shot Martin in what was ruled in a court of law a case of self-defense.

True enough, the incident was a case of assholes colliding but Martin started the violence. Had he quit while he was ahead he'd be alive now.

Michael Brown robbed a place, charged a cop, beat  him up and tried to take the officer's gun, possibly to shoot him with it. 

Certainly Brown didn't think that this kind of thing was going to end well, yet he did it anyway.

Of course, Sharpton, Jackson and the usual gang got behind these two thugs and started playing them to be heroes and babbling on and on about social justice and the usual crap that goes along with it.

What I want to know is when the usual gang of race baiters are going to get behind someone that ISN'T some kind of thug.

When are they going to find some young girl that was refused entrance into a private school because she wasn't white? When are they going to find some innocent young man that was pulled out of a car and beaten simply for being the wrong color?

I recall vividly when James Meredith entered the University of Mississippi back in '62. The NAACP was solidly behind him because he was exercising his rights. So were an awful lot of whites. 
I remember my dad supported Meredith getting into college.
Meredith was an Air Force veteran with a clean record and good character. He also had guts enough to see what he was facing and did it anyway. He was not a thug by any stretch of the imagination. He was a clean, civilized human being and deserved to be enrolled in U. Miss.

Perhaps the reason Sharpton and Jesse are supporting thugs now is because there is a shortage of decent blacks being denied their rights and they are hard up to keep trouble brewing. I don't know, but that's what it looks like to me.

Quite frankly I am getting pretty fed up with the race baiters getting behind two-bit thugs and trying to convince the rest of us that thuggery is acceptable behavior and should be permitted to be left unchecked.

I generally go by the reasonable man theory and judge things by what I think a reasonable man would do.

 I most likely would not have chased Treyvon Martin around at close range like Zimmerman did. Still, had Martin beat me up I would likely have defended myself with whatever means I had. This includes the use of deadly force.

Had I been in Darren Wilson's shoe having been charged at, beaten and having my assailant try to take my gun (and possibly shoot me with it) I would have resorted to the necessary force needed to stop the attack.

Both instances are reasonable. People have the right to self-defense. All people. Nobody should be victims of thuggery and they have every right not to be victimized.

I wonder if the supporters of Martin and Brown know how stupid they look supporting these two thugs. By doing so they are simply condoning thuggish behavior.

Then again, maybe it is because they don't have an interest in it. They're not the victims of these thugs and neither are their loved ones.

I wonder how they'd be acting if they were the ones defending themselves? How about if the person that was attacked was your son or daughter? You can bet the farm there that the attitudes would take a fast U-turn.

It's time for these so-called community leaders to stop backing thugs and other losers. It serves no purpose at all but to make them look stupid. 

Then again, maybe they can't afford to stop backing losers that get into trouble because not many winners do. Without anyone to back and stir things up they won't be making any money and they'll have to get real jobs and become useful.

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