Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Colonoscopy time is coming up pretty soon

 and other than the prep part which is a mild nuisance, I'm looking forward to it.

There's nothing better than a chemically induced prime time  space ride administered by health care professionals.

I like my doctor and actually look forward to seeing him. He's a pretty cool guy. He comes from India and is a real American.

His office person once told me that I was the only one that didn't offend him when I teased him about it.

The scar I have mentioned in the last couple of posts has something to do with it. He saw the scar and asked about it.

"You guys gave it to me at the Little Big Horn," I replied, followed by "Whoops! Wrong Indians!"

I could see that for a second the doc didn't know how to take that one.

The nurse paled and snapped at me that I had said the most politically incorrect thing in the world.

I remember being incontrite after that. I snapped back. "Ya know, we're ALL a fine bunch of bastards this far down the line. With the exception of the handful of Native Americans, every single one of us has one thing in common. Somewhere along the line us or one of our ancestors got kicked out of every other decent place to live."

What do you mean by that?" She demanded.

"On my grandmother's side some drunken Irishman boogied on over here to keep from being hanged for stealing sheep," I replied.

"My dad's mom left Austria to avoid WW1 and his father goes back to the Pilgrims who got 86'd from England because someone didn't like where they went to church." I continued.

"Most likely Doc here decided he could do better for his family in the States. It takes a lot of guts to pack up and move to a different land," I finished.

She was silent and doc gave me a thoughtful look. 

"Speaking of Ireland," I started up again. "What size green T-shirt you wear, Doctor? I owe you that and a bottle of Jameson's for the last time when you likely saved my sorry ass.  You is now a true Son of Ireland!"
"Then again, I suppose we can call it even for you guys scalping me at the Little Big Horn. Dammit! Wrong Indians again. That boob Colombus was lost. He thought he was in India."

Doc laughed at that. I looked up at him.

"Just think, Doc," I said. "If ol Columbus thought he had landed in Manila the kids would be playing cowboys and Filipinos!"

A Filipina nurse at nearby stopped, thought a second and tittered. Doc looked amused and shook his head. 

I carry no ill will whatsoever to people that come to this country to contribute. We sure can use more people like that doctor. He's pretty damned good at what he does.

While we are at it, it seems like an awful lot of engineers in this country are from India. If I had to venture a guess it is because a lot of lazy youngsters go through college as humanities majors as it is a lot easier than the math and science required for an engineering degree.

A lot of people in India keep their eye on the buck and realize we need engineers and pay them well.

The little girl up the street went the engineering route and when she graduated she started off making more than her father does.

That's because she had the grit to go that route.

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  1. I'm not sure why Americans ignore the fact that Native Americans were also immigrants. They just happened to get here first and spent years pushing each other around. No civilization can can expect to forever control an area they discovered. It don't work that way!!

  2. Very good point, Everette