Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The recent SCOTUS decision is going to be interesting.

They have just told the states they now have to permit gay marriage. Personally I think that is government over reach. I think it's a state issue but I won't get into that.

It looks to me like they have just opened another can of worms and it will be interesting. It won't be long before some troublemaker demands that a church that believes marriage should be between to members of the opposite sex perform the ceremony.

Personally I think such a troublemaker-or pair of troublemakers-should simply be beaten by an angry mob until they are a small stain in the pavement. Not for wanting to get married, but for trying to force a church to perform a ceremony against their beliefs.

It is one thing to permit gay marriages. I have always said the government should get out of the marriage business entirely. However, since they have decided to stick their nose where it doesn't belong I have taken a pretty Libertarian approach of 'marry who you please'. Just don't ask me to clean up your mess. 

I would imagine that the next part of the gay agenda is to have the tax exempt status taken from any church that refuses to perform the ceremony. If that happens I imagine the Catholic Church will cave in because that's a lot of money.

Of course, Pope Francis will come out and bless it and carry on. Truth is if he doesn't he'll likely have his arms twisted by the boys in the back room that run the financial end of things.

Some churches won't cave in, I imagine.

The way I see it, is that with rights go responsibility and it is the responsibility of the gay couple that wants to get married to find someone that is willing to perform the ceremony.

As a Universal Life minister I might be willing to perform a marriage ceremony but it would be strictly civil. God won't even be mentioned. I haven't decided if I would do this yet. Truth is I haven't decided if I'll perform ANY marriages yet.

I look at this pretty much the same way I look at abortion. Abortion is between a woman, her physician and her maker the way I see it. She's the one that will have to answer for it in the afterlife.

It's her responsibility to find a physician to perform the abortion. She doesn't have the right to charge up to a doctor with religious beliefs and demand one. It's her duty to find a willing physician.

It's also the duty of a gay couple to find their own official willing to marry them. I'm pretty sure it won't be all that difficult.

Still, there are a few gay $hitheels that want to force the gay lifestyle on people and make a point or just stir things up and force clergymen to marry them against their will. That plain just ain't right.

Gays have the right to get married. They do not have the right to force anyone to perform the ceremony except for maybe government officials acting in the performance of their governmental duties.

As for my attitude toward the gay community, it's simple.

I respect your right to be gay and pursue happiness. I bear no ill will toward the gay community. I wish most of them happiness. Their business is their business. I will stay out of theirs and in return I expect the same. 

Please do not ask me to 'celebrate the gay lifestyle'. I won't. I won't persecute you for it. I will accept that you are gay. I will defend you from harm. I will not love you any less for being gay. However, I will not celebrate it. It is what it is. You are what you are. I will take you for the content of your character and that should be good enough for anyone.

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