Monday, June 22, 2015


 is one of the things I have not really bothered with in my lifetime.

When I was a kid, I had a crew cut and now as an old man I sport a crew cut. In high school I wasn't one of the cool guys that followed a whole lot of fashion. In my freshman and sophomore year my locks were about an inch or so long. In my junior and senior year they were about maybe two inches long.

So much for Beatle hair and the ensuing Haight-Ashbury look.

I was a khakis and sport shirt kind of guy and a lot of my school clothes came from either Building #19 or The Bargain Center.

It didn't make a damned bit of difference to me. I suppose if I could have gotten away with it I would have been clad in Levi 501s and a button down collared shirt and considered myself good to go. Levis were a no-go. We had a dress code of sorts.

When I left high school I let myself get a bit shaggy, with say, about 3 inches of hair. Then went into the army where the style was set for me. 

In the tipi and on the road I figured hair was nothing more than a hassle and kept it clipped pretty short. I never was one for fashion. Short hair is pretty utile and low maintenance.

Later in Kodiak I let it grow in a bit and when it got to shaggy it was off to the barbershop for what they called a fisherman's cut. Fairly short, low maintenance. A couple of inches long. Once in a while I'd let it grow out and fool around with it.

For a while I had it long enough for a duck's ass and jellyroll ala Joe '56. A few years back I took to white T-shirts with a pack of Luckies rolled up in the sleeve, cuffed jeans and engineer boots. Finding Dixie Peach pomade was a bitch. I think it was Murray's pomade I tried. 

One drop the size of a pea on a flat top and you can support a concrete block on the top of it! Use gasoline to remove it, though.

I never could pull off a flat top. It looked stupid on me. Not that I really cared, though. In junior high I had a classmate that sported a flat top with wings that looked pretty good on him.

Some of the kids saw the Old School look, adopted it and started a fad that lasted briefly. The return of Sha Na Na and the Fonz.

I kept that style for years and years until I went to Camp Perry a few years back and something came up. I won't go into it here but I wound up sitting on an upturned bucket and got a 'Navy Regs' haircut from a Marine.

I've pretty much kept that until recently. Now it's my winter 'do. I pretty much clip it way down come summer.

I have never did figure out long hair. Somehow I managed to pretty much skip that phase and I'm none the worse for it.

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