Saturday, June 13, 2015

You're offended? Tango Sierra.

I don't care who something offends.

We have a right to be offensive and those that don't like it are cordially invited to use the nice piece of mistletoe keep clipped to my shirt tail.

I get tired of having so-called white privilige thrown at me every time I turn around. I get pretty upset over hearing tht something is wrong with me because I don't support the failed social programs the feds have cooked up and make me pay for.

I get tired of people running Christianity into the ground and pretty fed up with people getting upset with Christian GIs being buried under crosses or Jewish GIs being buried under stars. Of for that matter, Muslim GIs being buried under a crescent.  

As far as I'm concerned a GI that gets killed in national service can get buried under any symbol he wants to be buried under. That means anything. 

If you don't like it then put on a uniform, pick up a weapon and get out there on the lines. Then YOU can get buried under whatever symbol you want to be buried under.

I get equally as mad when I see Christians trying to legislate morality.

Still, as annoying as all this is I can say that in another way I am glad to be annoyed.

It means that we have freedom of speech and as far as I am concerned, those of it that want to stifle it by trying to appease the gods of political correctness can kiss my raggedy ass.

People have a right to offend me or anyone else they want. It is really that simple.

On the other hand, I have the right to offend them. 

Kiss my ass.

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