Monday, June 15, 2015

Over the top with Blackjack Pershing back in the spring of '18.

I already told you the tale of woe of the scar I attributed to a Japanese bayonet at Tarawa. The old Saipan vet suggested I back it up a war so as to avoid confusion.

Several months later, a coworker saw the scar and I casually told him I got it from a German bayonet back in 1918 when I went over the top with Blackjack Pershing. He couldn't count, either and mentioned to someone that I had been bayonetted back during WW1.

Of course, I got a call from one of my laughing admirers asking me what I had told the kid and we shared a laugh.

We both decided that I ought to back it up another war and agreed that the scar is now Spanish of origin. I got it in Cuba where I fought with Teddy Roosevelt.

I decided to draw the line there. If some dumbass thinks I'm 143 years old it's on him, I figured.

Some time later on an internet board I mentioned serving with Teddy Roosevelt. It was simply a way of simply saying I had been in the service decades ago.

Some buffoon read it and accused me of being a gun show beef jerky selling SEAL and that there was no way I could have served with TR. He made all sorts of accusations and said he was going to report me to whomever.

Enter some quick thinking photoshopper. He got the famous picture of TR standing on top of the hill with the troops and the flag. There was a hat showing next to Teddy but with the face hidden.

He photoshopped an arrow pointing to the hat and labeled it Piccolo.

The accuser saw it and wrote me a profuse apology about how sorry he was for insulting a true hero of the Spanish American War.

I figure whoever the guy was, it was pretty clear he wasn't an engineer or science major. Those people know how to count.

Hell, a young kid once saw my flight jacket and asked if I was a pilot. I told him I was a forward observer for TR in Cuba and he asked me how I looked so young for being 135 years old.

He's probably a science ot math kid. He can count.

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