Sunday, June 21, 2015

Right now there is a big stink going on in South Carolina

 over the stars and bars being flown in the state capital. Big deal. A lot of people ought to get a life.

Mitt Romney entered the fray demanding it be taken down and how it is offensive to blacks and so on and so forth. This coming from a man who attends a church that didn't allow blacks into the pulpit until as recently as 1978. Interesting.

Maybe some people ought to look into the doings of one M.K. Edgerton, an older black man that is a Southern Heritage activist. He's a pretty sharp cookie on the subject of Southern Heritage. Truth is he knows his history and he knows his heritage.

I'm sure he riles up a lot of folks by telling the truth. The history revisionist set probably considers him or people like him to be Public Enemy Number One.

First of all, most people don't know a damned thing about the south, it's manners or customs. They seem to consider them backward and uneducated. They're not.

When you drag racial politics into things people are quick to point out the doings in Selma and Montgomery. Yet they tend to shuffle troubles like Detroit, Boston and other Northern cities under the rug under the rug.

FWIW I had a chat with a black attorney I met in Maryland once that said he felt Boston was pretty racist. I won't get into detail but I can sure see how he feels. I explained it to him and he understood. Maybe some day I'll post my take on it.

Anyway there is a hue and cry from all parts of the country to take the flag down. I consider this a waste of time and effort. People would be a whole lot better off if they spent the time and effort cleaning up their own states.

Someone in New Hampshire or Minnesota rally has little business telling South Carolina what to do. It's simply not their state or even region. You have little in common with the people of South Carolina. If you don't believe it, look at your dinner table.

Last time I was in Boston and stopped for breakfast I didn't see grits on the menu. Later that night I saw no barbecued pulled pork and collard greens to be had in the Boston area. 

Then again, I didn't see lutefisk on the menu the last time I was in Georgia.

For years I have posted on this blog that if you don't plan on adapting to the way of life somewhere then do not move there.

New Jerseyites seem to have flooded to North Carolina to escape the excessive tax burden. When they arrive they start demanding the very services that created the taxes back in New Jersey. Bless their hearts.

How about we leave South Carolina to its own devices and let them fly what ever flag they want in their state? It's really none of anybody's business. 

If you would take the time you spend minding someone else's business and put it to improving yourself, your municipality or your state we'd probably ALL be better off.

That being said, I do believe that the Stars and Bars should have been probably lowered to half mast as a gesture of respect to the shooting victims. Still, it isn't my place to demand it.

Incidentally I just found out why the stars and bars were not lowered. It is against state law to do so for any reason.

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