Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trump is starting to jump the shark and while we're at it, so is Cruz and a lot of the others.

Right now the case in point is the recent court order to open the phones of the San Bernadino killers.

The FBI wants to know how to open the Apple phones to get evidence regarding the San Bernadino killers. I suppose they want to try and trace down any possible contacts so as to see if they were in contact with another cell.

Of course, the court used this as simply another excuse to permit the feds to invade what little privacy we have left. They ordered Apple to show the FBI how to crack into EVERYONE's cellular communications.

Wrong decision. 

They should have told Apple to either show the FBI how to get into the one cell phone of the Saan Bernidino killers. If that would enable the FBI to crack into any and all Apple units then Apple should have been told to crack the specific cell phone of the San Bernadino killers and turn the information over to the FBI.

The Bill of rights insures our privacy. However, there is  caveat in it. In order to snoop through an individual's life the authorities must get a warrant.

Getting a warrant to investigate the communications if the San Bernadino killers and ONLY the San Bernadino killers phone would have been a bona fide call. Fair enough, it's where the government is playing by the rules.

Giving the Feds carte blanche to snoop into everybody's business is just plain wrong.

Apple is balking and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Meanwhile Trump and Cruz have said they have supported the decisions of the court. Congress is getting ready to enact legislation to force Apple to comply.

Sounds to me like Trump is beginning to jump the shark. I am starting to have reservations about continue my support for him. Then again what's the other choice I have? 

Nobody else seems to support the right to privacy.

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