Sunday, March 20, 2016

An open letter to GOP elites and for that matter the DNC big shots.

So why are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz so popular these days?

Most likely because the average working stiff is sick and tired of your party elite bullshit. I would dare say that Trump likely could have run as a Democrat and gotten a lot of crossover support from Republicans like he is now from Democrats.

People of both parties are sick and tired of party bullshit and backroom deals that are designed to take care of party elites at the expense of the rest of us.

What happened is that someone decided to throw his hat into the ring that could not be controlled and you clowns don't like it. The truth of the matter is that you wanted to try and cram that idiot Jeb Bush down our throats and we told you to go piss up a rope.

The actual truth of the matter is that Donald Trump even a few years ago wouldn't have even rated a spoof campaign a few years back but you clowns with your back room deals and desire for power have brought it on yourself.

The days of back room cover ups are over with thanks to the real media people use for information these days. The internet has seen to that. You may still have control of the mainstream media to a point but you have no control over the internet and it's kicking you in the pants by exposing you. Tough shit. It's about time.

If you clowns use the brokered convention to keep Trump of Cruz off the ballot and stuff give us Little Mario of Dumbass Jeb, we're walking out. Adios. You can take your ball and go home.

Of course, you really don't give two shits about who the next POTUS is just so long as you keep your precious Republican elite rice bowl from being tipped over.

Truth is that I suppose you ought to try and keep Trump or Cruz off the ballot if you think they are the least bit vengeful because if either of them make it to the White House a lot of you high muckety-mucks are very possibly getting a trip straight to jail.

People are sick and tired of you bullshit and your little front candidates and your little agendas that fill your pockets with my money.

It's not only Republicans that are fed up, either. If and hopefully when you backroom thugs go down the next step is to take a long hard look at the DNC and clean them up, too.

Then and only then can we put the country back in a productive direction again. We're tired of being run by backroom dealmakers and party elites who have only an interest in what they can steal from the rest of us.

As for Donald Trump?

He's nothing more or less than someone that filled the vacuum you created with your backroom greed. You've kept trying to steal the whole damned pie. 

That's not the way it works if you are going to be a successful criminal. Jimmy Hoffa wrote the book on that one while he was robbing the Teamsters fund.

The Teamsters knew they were being robbed but kept re electing him because they knew "He gets his BUT WE GET OURS!"

Trump and Cruz have popularity not because of who they are. They are popular because of what you have created.

And you have nobody to blame but yourselves because the working stiff wants his party back, 

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