Friday, March 11, 2016

So I see where CHumlee of 'Pawn Stars' has been arrested.

Which does not surprise me, really.

Generally it is something like this that knocks over someone's rice bowl. My guess is the series is not going to live very much longer even though it is popular.

Things like this often end up costing celebrities the very thing that makes them celebrities. It's somewhat common. It's often because they forget which end up their rice bowl is supposed to go.

The minute one gets any kind of celebrity status in this country the public seems to want to see them fall on their ass and starts watching.

If it had been me that had gotten into trouble it would hardly be news at all. I am a nobody and would likely rate a page sixteen two or three sentence blurb if that.

Don't these people think? 

Maybe they do. I'll bet some of them think they're above the law and can get away with things because of their celebrity status.

One thing, too. When you achieve celebrity status you have to remember that it is assumed you have money. When that happens you have to assume that everyone is trying to take it away from you. You have to watch your self and behave yourself because there are a lot of sleazy people out there looking torob youone way or the other.

Oh, well. 

I'll bet you the Harrisons are not too happy with you and most likely you'll be dropped from the series if it does survive.

Sorry 'bout that! 

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