Tuesday, March 29, 2016

People keep mistaking me for being a Republican

 which I am clearly NOT. I am much closer to being a Libertarian simply because I don't really like a whole lot of government to begin with.

Like a lot of people out there I simply do not like being told what to do and how to live. 

I try to live fairly responsibly and really don't like a whole lot of useless rules and regulations. I think that the government should simply stay out of our lives, our closets, our bedrooms and our property.

A while ago I read where some guy got arrested for a DUI because he was drinking a beer while on a riding mower mowing his lawn. That's a little much for me. 

It would be one thing if he was driving on a public road. However, I have a real hard time seeing where he was endangering anyone but himself while mowing his own lawn. That's just another case of government overstepping the line. 

I consider things like that to be an infringement on liberty.

I also think the Republicans should stay the hell out of our bedrooms. What goes on there is nobody's business and certainly not governmental business.

I don't think Uncle Sam should be sticking his nose into everything and I'm tired of it.

In short, I just wish the hell government would mind their own business.

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