Saturday, March 5, 2016

In the background

 there is some kind of special about Nikola Tesla, an electrical  genius. 

They suggested that he may bave been whacked by some of the bigger electrical suppliers because he had figured out how to create free electricity. Of course, the for profit electrical suppliers would have lost their shirts had Tesla been successful.

I'm not going to speculate either way but I seriously wonder how many people that were on the verge of creating something that would have benefited mankind were foiled by dishonorable means.

Back in the 70s there were rumors that some engineer had figured out how to get some incredible gas milage out of automobiles. The rumor said that the oil companies had bought up the patent rights and were not allowing the carburator or whatever it was to be manufactured.

I don't know how true it is but it is credible even though it isn't likely. To be patented it has to be registered and I believe the patents are not classified. I think anyone can look up a patent and see it if it is registered.

Still, I can't help believe that there is quite a bit of dishonesty out there and that more people that we are aware of have been ruined or even killed to prevent some successful person from benefitting us because it would cost the big boys too much money.

It has been said that the Clintons have had people eliminated and to be honest I do not know how true that really is. On the other hand I seriously believe that Hillary is not above arranging a mysterious accident for someone that gets in the way of her bid for power. I truly believe she is that ruthless.

I suppose there is no way of telling but rumors of people coming up with a cure for some disease falling off a bridge surface from time to time, as alleged victims of the pharmacutical companies.

While how true it is, it does make sense. If someone can eradicate a disease it means the pharmacutical companies lose revenue.

While it is a guess I would imagine that anyone that could cure the common cold would get rich. I also imagine that such a cure would cost the over the counter pharmacutical companies billions. We spend a lot of money on OTC drugs for the common cold.

I wrote that I was surprised that more spouses were not murdered in some of these humongous divorce settlements but that kind of money is nothing compared to what the drug or oil companies take in. That kind of money both generates a lot of power and a desire to keep it.

Although none of us has a clue how much the average guy has suffered by dishonorable acts by corporations, it would be interesting to find out.

Either way it would probably be astonishing to find out.  

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