Monday, March 7, 2016

We need a 'You can't fix stupid' law.

I just read where a scuba diver got a wild ride through a nuclear power plant cooling system and damned near died. He survived.

He is suing, of course.  

I figure it this way. When someone does something really stupid that they ought not to be able to sue to begin with.

Still, if it gets as far as a court of law the defense attorney ought to be able to simply show the jury where whatever the plaintiff did was stupid and the jury should be able to stop the proceeding right then and there and tell the plaintiff he's an idiot.

Just like that.

The other case that comes to mind is the woman that ran off the road because her GPS told her to. Personally I think the jury foreman should have told her to jump off a bridge. We'd all be better off without her.

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