Sunday, April 10, 2016

Every presidential candidate should be forced to wear clown shoes

Every single candidate should be compelled to wear clown shoes until after the election because every single candidate is a clown.

Right now it looks like there are four contenders ao we can look at them.

Hillary Clinton. She belongs in jail. She's a criminal and most likely the next POTUS as of now. She should be wearing clown shoes.

Bernie Sanders. A socialist that believes in rainbows, unicorns and taking my hard earned money from me and giving it to someone else that's too lazy or stupid to earn their own. He wants college to be free. He should be wearing clown shoes.

Ted Cruz, the moral cop that wants to outlaw abortion and legislate morality. Seems half the hooker population of Washington DC wants to spill the beans on his extramarital doings according to what I keep reading. Issue Ted s pair of clown shoes.

Donald Trump, a man I thought might do some good by shaking the RNC and then as a result, the DNC up and cause them to clean up their act. He's entered the fray with an anti abortion social issue area and has likely alienated most women in the country. He should be wearing clown shoes.

This entire election cycle is nothing but one colossal clown shod spectacle of stupidity.

Every single one of the candidates ought to be wearing clown shoes every time they go before the American public. 

I'm just a grumpy old sailorman but I swear I could do a far better job than any of them.

For one thing, when I got drunk ashore and blew my money I did stop spending when my wallet was empty. That's a lot more than any of the others can claim.

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