Monday, April 11, 2016

If you think schools should be safer you are a racist.   Link is hot.

Ah, yes. We're playing the 'If you don't do whatever you're racist' card.

As usual Piccolo shoots the hostage. 

Bang! Headshot! I'm a racist. If a kid won't behave himself in class, then throw him the hell out. It really is that simple. Fact is I don't care what color a misbehaving kid is. Throw him the hell out. If that makes me a racist than I will wear it as a badge of pride.

There. Now what are you going to do about it? Cry me a river, build a bridge across it and get over it. 

Of course, I am still going to continue to treat everyone with courtesy, respect and dignity so long as they act like a civilized human being. Race, creed or color means nothing to me. People are people.

Many years ago I decided that I wasn't going to play that silly little game. I got over being called names and put in a category back when I was a little kid. I saw through that game well over fifty years ago and simply don't play it.

A few years back during the gay mariage issue someone told me that if I wasn't rabidly opposed to gay marriage than I must be gay.

So I told him I as as queer as a $3 bill and proceeded to tell him a bunch of made up nasty things I wanted to do to him. I was really quite graphic and crude. The guys standing near me even blushed and finally busted up laughing. He was laughed at to  the point where he stormed off. 

What was interesting is that some of the guys rode him like a train for quite some time afterwards. When ya gonna hook up with Piccolo? he was asked for months.

It truly galled him to no end. He was sorry he played his stupid little game on me.

Sorry, people. Your silly little game isn't going to work on me. I am guilty of anything you want me to be guilty of. I'll make a fool out of you. 

Actually I'll let you make a fool out of yourself. 

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