Friday, April 8, 2016

Why Republicans lose elections.

Over the past several years I have seen Republicans consistently snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory in one hell of a lot of elections.

There is a reason. It was predicted by the late Barry Goldwater when asked about teaming up with the so-called Christian coalition. Goldwater (Silent Key. Amateur radio call sign K7UGA) said that the unification of the Republican party would be the end of the conservative movement in the United States. He was right.

The Republican party has been hammered by the Christian coalition to try and enforce morality. To put it in a nutshell people hate the moral police. They hate Hippocrates more but that's a different issue I'll address later.

The Republicans, at the goading and threats of the Christian coalition have entered the political arena with a few issues that are actually none of the governments business. They have been anti abortion for decades even though the issue was settled years ago. Roe vs Wade isn't going to change in the near future and most people believe that abortion is between a woman, her physician and her maker.

Yet an awful lot of Republican candidates seem to enter the fray hell bent on sticking the governments nose where it doesn't belong. Trying to outlaw abortion is a losing proposition and yet Republicans, goaded on by the Christian coalition come charging in and running off at the mouth about how they will try and change it.

They are instantly branded as anti woman.

It's pretty interesting that there are exceptionally devout Catholic women out there that abhor abortion under just about any circumstances. Yet these same women will go to bat simply for the woman's right to choose. I've personally heard a number of them say so.

"God, Pic, I hate abortion but I'll never tell another woman she can't." I've personally heard this numerous times. In short a stand on governmental regulation is a shot at woman's rights and alienates an awful lot of voters.

Some years ago when H. Ross Perot ran for president I heard his running mate, James Stockdale asked on his stand on abortion. He replied "That's between a woman, her physician and her maker." It ended the issue instantly. He simply said in a nutshell that the government had no business interfering in such a personal matter. 

There wasn't a whole lot anyone from either side of the issue could really say about it except for a few zealots. Even the zealots couldn't really show a whole lot of argument.

Yes. It really is that simple.

Gay marriage and gay rights is another issue Republicans have made fools out of themselves with. Gay marriage is now accepted and there's no going back.

Personally I think the government should get out of the marriage business entirely and put it back in the hands of the churches where it belongs. They should issue a 'civil union' to any couple of any sex that wants one. Everyone has the right to pass on their inheritance to someone  without the government sticking their hands into it.

Still, the Republicans have managed to alienate the entire gay community and their families and friends by making stupid statements regarding gays. It's been generally accepted by the scientific community that homosexuality is a thing that is pretty much hard wired into the brain and really isn't a whole lot of an individual choice. 

I'm not going to venture a guess at what percentage of the country is gay and it doesn't matter. Every gay person out there has parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends that are sympathetic to them. 

When a candidate alienates a single gay he generally alienates a lot more people than he thinks. He often alienates an entire extended family.

In short the Republicans should simply lay off the anti LGBT business simply because what goes in between consenting adults in private is of no concern of the government. There is a thing called liberty and by trying to legislate what goes on between consenting adults in private is an infringement on it.

I watched Rick Santorum a few years back. In the very beginning he was a pretty solid, serious contender for the Oval Office until he opened his mouth and dragged his Catholic beliefs into the political arena. When he opened his mouth he went from having a very, very solid shot at the presidency to probably not being able to be elected to town dogcatcher. It was a terrible thing to watch.

The truth is Americans hate having people try and force their religious and or moral beliefs on others. It's called 'liberty' and sometimes it's a bitch.

If you are a member of a church or other group that opposes abortion it simply means you can't get one. It does not mean you can tell someone else what to do. 

It seems that an awful lot of Republicans seem to have forgotten this.

What is interesting to note is that there are an awful lot of people out there that are fiscally conservative and socially liberal that are between a rock and a hard place come election time. They truly believe in governmental fiscal responsibility yet feel that the Republicans are trying to legislate morality. These people truly want to support core conservative values but see the Republican party sticking its nose where it doesn't belong.

The party as it stands now is getting ready to snatch yet another defeat out of the jaws of victory. It is nothing short of amazing that they can't put up someone that can beat Hillary Clinton.

Yet it seems that every election they manage to en snarl themselves up in social issues that have nothing to do with anything that government should have any business legislating.

Looking at even Donald Trump. He entered the abortion/social issue fray and alienated a lot of women that might have supported him. You would think he's know better but apparently he doesn't.

Another pair of issues are security and immigration. Yet the Republicans have been too cowardly to enter the fray and support secure borders. My guess on that is that with the horde of illegal immigrants the RNC is picking out pockets and getting richer because of it.

Illegal immigrants are taking jobs from citizens in huge numbers. They are also adding to the strain on social services and many of them are not paying into them. They are costing the rest of us billions.

Yet the only Republican that has addressed the issue is Donald trump. However it is not likely he will be the least if GOPe has anything to say about it.

Of course, the polls say he can't beat Hillary but that's not cast in stone yet. I also wonder how accurate the polls are as there are a lot of crossover blue collar democrat voters that have expressed support for Trump.

The Republican party--it's other problems notwithstanding-- really isn't going to go anywhere in the foreseeable future until they jettison the social issues and get back on track with the basics.

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