Monday, April 18, 2016

OK, Bernie, how does this work?

You want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Fine.

What are you going to do when this causes the jobs out there to disappear? Just about all the fast food chains already have touch screen plans on the boards when the legislation goes through. There are a lot more plans out there to replace humans when the raise is enacted.

Then what?

You will be stuck standing there with egg on your face hemming and hawing and making excuses.

You start griping about income inequity. Now you want to rob the rich to help the poor. Well, aren't you just a regular Robin Hood.

What are you going to do when the Big Money packs up and leaves? Don't say it can't.

All it will take is for them to pack up and leave. It's a global economy and I'm pretty damned sure that places like Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico and quite a number of places that would CHEERFULLY take in large American corporations in.

Then what?

When you see Americans sneaking into Mexico to get jobs to feed their families you are sure going to feel stupid. 

Moving a large manufacturing plant to, for example, Mexico or Vietnam isn't all that difficult. If the tax base goes up on corporations it is probably cheaper to leave.

The number of people that have left keeps going up each year in spite of a 30% exit tax. If Robin Hood Bernie decides to hit the rich a whole lot harder then the numbers are sure to rise. With them goes an awful lot of money.

Recently a billionaire left New Jersey for Florida and it hurt New Jersey. The billionaire took his money with him and saved a bundle as Florida won't tax him like New Jersey did. Can't say as I blame him.

So new Bernie want to rob the rich and make a college education free.  Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somehow, somewhere along the line somebody is going to have to foot the bill.

So who is going to pay the bill, Bernie?

The truth is then most likely I am. You're going to raise my income tax and I'm going to cough up a shitload more money.

I'm 64 and six months old, Bernie. Guess what? If my taxes go up I'm going to retire. I hadn't planned on it but I certainly will if you raise my taxes. Then what?

I'm not alone. When it becomes cheaper and easier to stay home the number of people that stay home is going to go through the roof. While we're at it, I'll likely spend my first year of retirement looking for every single thing I can legally get from Uncle Sam.

As far as colleges goes, with the government footing the bill the colleges will be charging out the nose. After all, Uncle Sam (read:ME) is footing the bill. Tuition rates will go through the roof and likely the quality of education will drop.

We will be seeing more feminist dance therapy, basket weaving, puppetry degrees being awarded. With the current 'everybody wins a prize' mentality it's likely the requirements will drop because having to earn a degree will be considered unfair to dumb asses.

Seeing Uncle is paying for it, it will be taken advantage of and abused.

Of course, when graduates start popping out with easy to get, meaningless degrees a college education will cheapen. It will mean nothing and we will likely have an overabundance of useless undereducated idiots.

Hey, it's free! Why not?

Of course, don't look for anything like a job with a worthless degree...unless you are smart enough to do something about 'income inequity' like get a degree in engineering or technology. However that would require studying so when the free college degree is all over and done with we'll STILL have to import engineers from overseas.

How about this, Bernie?

How about cutting taxes and letting us find our own way? As usual, the less help the government give us the better off we all are.

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