Sunday, April 24, 2016

I posted a Duffel Blog picture on my Facebook page

A number of people have reposted it.

It is a still from the movie 'Tropic Thunder'. 

Some time ago I posted a different Duffel Blog article on my FB page and people went nuts. The article was some story about a fictitious Army mobile abortion detachment.

If you read the article you just had to know it was a spoof yet a couple of people took it hook, line and sinker. I heard that a couple of them actually wrote their congressman about it and the congresscritter brought it up in the hallowed halls and made an idiot of himself.

A couple of outraged people defriended me. No great loss.

While Cecil the Lion was big news a while back I took a picture of Steven Speilberg sitting in front of a Jurassic Park prop and photoshopped it a bit. I replaced his head with mine and put an AR-15 in my hands. Then I posted it.

Now you have to remember that the triceratops I was sitting in front of has been extinct for about 130 million years, give or take two weeks.

Yet I got a whole bunch of protests and threats from people too dumb  to realize what was going on.

I explained to a couple of people that when Rocky and Bulllwinkle went off the air that Hanna and Barbera gave Mr. Peabody and Sherman the Way-Back machine and they opened a time travel safari company. One dumbass believed THAT.

This is a part of my current attitude is that if you believe something ridiculous that I say you get what you deserve for being a dumbass.

To find out why the blog is pink just cut and paste this: NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING OF TODAY'S ESSAY

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