Friday, April 1, 2016

One of the guys I know said something interesting.

He said he told his kids that if they dragged child services into the picture he'd simply give them to child services to raise. His theory makes sense.

He said he would rather have the state raise his kids entirely than have them interfere with what he considers his job.

It actually makes sense to me.

This guy is actually a pretty responsible man and works hard at parenting. He's kind, patient and firm. He is trying to do a good job and doesn't need to have the state interfere.

What brought this up was we know of a guy that had his kids complain to CPS. While the claims of the children were unfounded he played hell proving it. We were discussing it and that's what he said. If his kids ever do something like that he'll turn them over to the state.

Another guy I know had his kids threaten to call the child protection people once. He said he simply through the pair of them onto the car roughly and drove to a seamy side of town.

"Pick your new home," he told the kids."You'll wind up living in a house with a pair of bull dykes and 17 cats. The woman will use the money the state gives them to buy beer with."

He reports that his two have since shaped up.

The real problem is that the system makes it too easy for a good man or woman to be ruined over nothing.

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