Monday, April 25, 2016

Keep taking the bait.

There are a number of non-issue controversies out there that to me are a big joke.

There is the bathroom business whereby everyone is making a big to do over nothing. The problem has been solved before it was even a problem. It is nothing more than a problem that was created out of thin air.

Another so-called problem is that of equal pay for women. They already get equal pay. Name me one corporation that has seperate pay scales based on sex. You won't find one.

However, acting like woman are not paid the same as men has gotten a lot of liberal politicians a lot of votes. Of course, it's all in the way you skew this.

Let's look at Lobsterwoman Lois, a female lobster fisherwoman. Lois doesn't make as much money as the guys do. One can say it's unfair until you do a little digging.

The lobster pound pays the same to everyone. They buy lobster from the boats at one price and make no distinctions for race, sex or anything. If the day's price is $2/pound then it is $2/pound for everyone.

The real reason Lobsterwoman Lois doesn't make as much as the guys do is that she simply doesn't catch as much lobster as they do.

Yet the liberal spin doctors will say that this is unfair and insist that Lois be paid a higher price for her lobsters so as to even things out.

Personally I think the government should send an envoy to the bottom of the sea to negotiate with the lobsters in lobsterland to have more of them hop into Lois's lobster pots so as to even things out.

Huh? Send an envoy to lobsterland?

Sure! Why not! We can do that right after we demand the tooth fairy ups the rate to $20 per tooth.

In short, Lois is given the very same opportunities everyone else has. What she does with the opportunity is up to her. She's being treated fairly.

Of course, issues are not necessarily found. They are generally created.

I believe this entire recent bathroom issue was created simply for the liberals to use against the conservatives. Conservatives have been falling for stuff like that ever since the Christian Coalition joined them and turned them into the moral police.

Lyndon Johnson was a master of this kind of thing. He once told his campaign manager to spread the word that his opponent had once had carnal knowledge of his barnyard swine.

"Lyndon, we can't call him a pigf**ker," he said.

Johnson grinned. "No. Bit we can make him deny it!"

This is the same trick the Dems have used for years and the dumbass Republicans keep taking the bait.

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