Tuesday, April 19, 2016

There is a big stew because a southern state

 has simply decided that if you have a penis you use the men's room. If not, you use the ladies room.

Seven years into the Obama administration and now we don't even know which bathroom to use anymore.

A lot of people seem to have a real problem with this but I don't. It makes sense and pretty much clarifies things. Kudos the southern state that did this.

I am no specialist in transgender surgery and really don't have much of a interest in it although I have know a couple of former guys that became women. Truth is the medicos did a pretty good job. The few I have seen probably ought to give a lot of real women a few lessons in taking care of themselves but I digress. 

Anyway, one has to realize that trans genders are a very, very small part of the population and there is no real reason the rest of us should have to change our ways for the minuscule minority. This kind of thing has gotten old lately.

Personally I would have no problem having a person halfway through a transgender operation walk into the men's room and hike her skirt up and stand at the urinal next to mine. To me it would be a non-event. 

I can certainly see where a woman would be offended by having a similar scenario happen to her in the woman's room.

Personally these days it makes things a little more difficult taking my grand nieces anywhere. Little girls have to pee every time you turn around.

I used to be confident that I could just wait outside a woman's room for them confident that the woman's room contained only women. Today one can't be so sure. When nature calls the little ladies I generally head to a place with a unisex bathroom or a seldom used men's room and scope it out first and then let the girls use it while I stand guard outside with a loaded revolver.

I already have a line prepared for the inevitable indignant pushy guy that shows up.

"My nieces are in there. If you enter I'll have the cops here in a nanosecond and you'll be down at the station watching a woman cop telling them, 'show me on the doll where the man touched you.' That's enough to make anyone back off. 

I am a libertarian by nature and really don't care if you want to change your sex or even change back on a monthly basis. I do have two things to ask, though. First it doesn't cost me any money. Secondly the transgender doesn't rub it in my face.

I have similar feelings toward the gay community. I really don't care about a person's sex life, just keep it to yourself. 

I am a 64 year old man and have been in my present career as a seaman for well over a quarter century. I have worked primarily with men. I don't really know the sexuality of very many of my shipmates, current and former simply because we never discuss it.

The attitude of the average sailor is that their sex life is their own business. We don't discuss the details of what goes on with our significant others.

I suppose if someone ever asked me if I have ever sailed with a gay shipmate I'd have to say that I don't have a clue. The subject never came up.

Of course, the entire LGBT community is in an uproar over what the southern state did because of the current special snowflake attitude that seems pretty prevalent today.

Personally I often think that a lot of special snowflakes could use a punch in the the mouth. A shot in the solar plexus is also another good attitude changer and causes less visible damage. 

Holly weird has gotten into it and celebrities have threatened not to make movies in the state and one porn website announced they'll boycott.

That in itself sounds pretty good to me.

I suppose that if enough celebrities, crybabies and self appointed poobahs boycott North Carolina that I might have to move there. Maybe I can get some peace and quiet along with some pretty good pork barbecue.

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