Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Loose Lips Sink Ships.

In 1942 B-25 aircraft flew off the deck of USS Hornet and bombed targets in Tokyo. It was mainly a morale mission and the people in the United States were thrilled.

It was looked at as a payback for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

While in reality it did little damage to the Japanese war machine it bolstered the confidence of the American people.

Of course, everyone wanted to know the details but FDR never said a single word about the part Hornet played in the raid. He did this to protect the servicemen on board her from what he knew would be a vengence attack on her by the Japanese.

FDR told the American public that the bombers flew out of 'our secret base in Shangri-La'.

He kept the secret that Hornet was the carrier that had been the base of the attack.

A few years back Joe Biden ran his mouth that it was SEAL Team Six that killed Osama Bin Laden. The Al Quida people then set the SEAL team up and several of our people were killed as a direct result of Biden's big mouth.

As far as some of us are concerned Joe Biden owes the American public in general and the parents, widows and orphans of those thirty service people in specific for their lives. He used his inside information and revealed it strictly for political gain.

I believe he belongs in jail.

I also believe Hillary Clinton belongs in jail for her alleged email security violations. Especially if it is proved tht they would have compromised troop security. 

FDR never forgot that US Servicepeople are fellow citizens. He also never forgot that they were human beings and the sons and daughers of American people. He did the best job possible to do what he could to keep them safe.

The lives of service people are not to be carelessly spent. They are not to be used for political or personal financial gain. Service people are to be used strictly do defend the nation. 

These days politicians seem to think that the troops are there as decorations or to be carelessly sent out to risk their lives for personal gain of leadership. It's about high time that attitude changed.

I served in the early 70s and if I were to be asked to serve under the present leadership I would outright refuse. Then again, I served with an attitude a US Marine I met about 15 years ago served with.

I didn't (and nether did he) serve the American government. I served the American people.

Until pretty recently I would advise young people that were wondering what to do next to serve a hitch. I'm not too sure I would recommend that in this day and age.

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