Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another day another dime.

Or whatever.

Today is a busy day but I will sit here for a few minutes before the organized chaos begins...

I have been in a mean funk of sorts for quite some time to the point where I have parked the bottle for a while. It hasn't helped a whole lot, but it hasn't hurt, either. I think I'll keep the jug where it is for a while and just leave it there for festive occasions like holidays.

I have attributed a lot of how I feel to smoking cessation and it still has not settled down very much. It is no easier than it was the day I stopped and to a point is a little more difficult in some ways.

When you look at what has basically been a fifty year habit it is pretty surprising I have gotten this far. 

I am a perverse bastard and make damned sure there is a pack of Camels in the freezer. When I decided to stop drinking for a while I made damned sure I went out and bought a bottle of bourbon and put it away. This is so I don't go into a panic because I ran out.

There is a difference between not smoking and drinking because you want to stop and stopping because you ran out of smokes or booze.

It isn't for everybody, but for me the first step in stopping something like this is to stock up so you don't run out.

I have written that a while ago some person full of good intentions took my Camels out of the freezer. When I discovered it I went into somewhat of a panic and ran out and bought another pack and put it back in the freezer where it remains and will remain for quite some time.

Actually it is now tax time and as such is a VERY stressful time. I will not get into why save to say my other half gets worked up about it and it rubs off.


Speaking of tax time I heard a couple of people I know that are born again liberals griping about tax time and how much they have to pay.

I laughed and told them that the money for their wonderful social programs had to come from somewhere and that by cheating on their taxes they would be hypocrites.


In other news I went to the skeet range yesterday and picked up a bunch of slightly damaged clay pigeons and brought them home.

Right now they are in the crock pot (which is NOT plugged in).

There is a note to my wife next to it instructing her to let them simmer for a real long time to let them soften up.

You shoot it, you eat it.

Save the skeets!

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