Sunday, February 5, 2017

(Day 85) One of the things I have noticed about a lot of people on the left is their propensity to use violence to get what they want.

Many of them have advocated murdering the present POTUS.

What they seem to forget that if it is OK for one side to be violent it is OK for the other side to respond in kind.

I wonder it these people know what they are talking about. Do they want a civil war? If they keep it up they will probably GET a civil war and it is not going to be very pretty. Civil wars can get rather sporty. I wonder how many of you have skills to live outside after your house gets burned to the ground.

I wonder what you are going to do when your friends and loved ones turn up dead, injured and missing. Remember, in war these things happen. Bombs, bullets and fire have no conscience. Of course, by then it will be too late.

Sarah Silverman asked for a military coup. What stupidity!

For one thing the troops already LOVE Trump after being in the back seat for the past 8 years. For another thing, James Mattis is a GOD to the troops. They will follow him anywhere.

For another thing, most veterans are conservative. The truth is the conservative kids have been bearing the brunt of our wars since the end of the draft. While many have been out of the service for decades, mast of them retain their skills to a certain extent.

The Left would most certainly come up short in training and skills if a civil war broke out.

Of course, the Sarah Silvermans of the world really don't plan on getting all dirty and bloody. They want to get other people to do their dirty work for them. Maybe get the uneducated minorities fired up with a bunch of false promises.

I was around in the 60s and saw that the left started catering to the Black and other minority communities by filling their heads full of false promises. The rich Sarah Silvermans would sit in their palaces on the other side of San Francisco Bay and watch as the blacks in the wrong side of town rioted and tore things up.

Is that your plan, Sarah? To sit there and watch others get chopped up while you sit idly by watching CNN? While you sit across the bay?

From The National Lampoon Radio Dinner album, 1972 

It's too bad the so-called minority organizers were not a bit brighter and could see through all of this bullshit and tell their people to let the limousine liberals do their own fighting.

Not too bright, Sarah. Hope you get a visit from the Secret Service.

Keep singing, Sarah.

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