Wednesday, February 1, 2017

(Day 81) I have never in my life ever seen such hysteria as I have in the past ten days since Donald Trump got sworn in.

I have already listened to women babble incoherently about how Donald Trump wants to grab their pussies. Most of these woman don't even have as good makin's as my friend Bob's Basset hound. It really isn't worth grabbing. What a joke!

Now the big thing is that he has halted immigration from seven countries for a period of ninety days. It's not permanent, people.

Ninety days is a reasonable suspension in order to enable the government to set up some sort of vetting process. Europe has none and the refugees there have pretty much torn up everything in sight. Paris is a mess right now. In Sweden the police advise women to stay inside after dark.

Trump is trying to prevent this from happening here.

Yet all the little snowflakes are in a real dither over this and are carrying on like he just opened a season on illegals with no closures or bag limits. You would think there are dead immigrants hanging from light poles.

He's trying to make America safer.

I lock my doors at night. I don't do this because I hate everyone outside my house. I do it because I love everyone inside my house. It's pretty much what Trump has done.

Like most of us, I don't let everyone and their cousin in my house. I check them out first. Fair enough.

Yet the precious little snowflakes have been listening to fake and slanted news and have decided to over react and carry on.

I read where some guy was at work and a woman came up to him and said she can't wait until Trump is impeached and replaces with Hillary. I do not think she ever took a course in government.

The guy says the woman broke out in tears when he exlained that if Trump WAS impeached and removed from office that he would be replaced by Mike Pence. That's why they have a vice-president. At that point she turned on the water works.

She's another ignorant special snowflake.

What I would like to know is how many people that are moaning, wailing and gnashing their teeth have even bothered to take a few minutes to read the Executive Order. It's not too hard to find, especially on line.

Then again, I guess Ron White called it when he said you can't fix stupid.

Incidentally, the countries on the list are the same countries that former Saint Obama suspended immigration from several years ago.

Speaking of Saint Obama, he ran his mouth today condemning Trump for basically the same thing several presidents have done since and including Jimmy Carter.

It's been only ten days and it seems Obama can't keep his piehole shut. He ought to because I'm sure it would not take a whole lot to sift through his presidency and find a few criminal acts and nail him. Same holds for Hillary.

Ever notice that since GW Bush left the White House he has kept his mouth shut? All the presidents have until Saint Obama decided he was going to sharpshoot Trump.

Incidentally I wish he WOULD let the AG go after Hillary. She belongs in jail.

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