Saturday, February 4, 2017

(Day 84) What a bunch of slobs!

I just heard where they have coughed up one and a half million bucks to clean up after the messes made by the Dakota pipeline protesters. I'm not surprised.

I saw the pictures of the mess the Earth Day people left in Washington DC, the mess made at Woodstock in '69 and the pig sty left behind by the women of the recent Woman's March in Washington DC.

ALL of these people have babbled about taking care of the earth, yet they have left an awful lot behind them. 

This is something I have noticed over the years that a lot of these so called friends of the planet don't really give a damn. The cause is simply something to prattle on about. If they did care they would leave the places they meet at nicer than they were when the showed up. Or at least in the same shape they found it.

I did notice that after the TEA party left Washington the place was in pretty good shape.

Yet you will never hear about it in the media, especially the media we have now. It would not fit their agenda.

A few years ago at Camp Perry I put the place on the air with my ham rig. I have gotten the OK from the CO, they had given me a little spot and I was on the air for about a week. A friend showed up and the last thing we did after the gear was packed up to go home we ran a police call and left the place in a little better condition than we found it in.

I'm not a hippie or a friend of the planet. I just don't like trashy areas. It didn't take much to police the area as I had used a trash bag for all of the waste I generated.

I remember the time I had my sailboat in port and some hippie chick came down oohing and ahhing about how my sailboat was so cool because it didn't pollute. She asked me if she could do me any favors. I asked her for a ride to the food store.

When we got to the parking lot she was driving a huge gas hog that burned oil at an alarming rate. You could follow the smoke trail all the way to the market. Typical hippie crap. Babble one thing and do another.

Still, I see all sorts of people babbling about saving the planet and all they do is run their mouths and leave the place dirtier. It appears to me that most of these people involved are simply looking for some kind of stylish cause to be seen supporting.

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