Thursday, February 2, 2017

(Day 82) Very soon I will not be using surplus Itronix Gobook IIIs anymore.

A friend has hooked me up with a couple of Panasonic Toughbooks that are a lot newer. In addition to this another person gave me a fairly new Dell which is now my home unit.

I am going to designate a day to drag my old information over to the new machines. It will likely take a while because I will have to learn how to do this.

The old Gobook IIIs have been very good to me as they have been dragged all over hell and back and have taken quite a beating and still keep working. Still, old age is creeping up on them and they are getting tired. What is interesting is that they are still about as fast as my WiFi.

I once said that things have not gotten much faster since I was using Windows 95. It did just about everything for me that I do now. I still feel that chasing technology is a waste of time and money. I simply upgrade to newer technology because I am forced to.

I can not figure out why people will go out and spend a fortune for the latest and greatest simple to do email and surf the web. Why bother?

I think I'll grab one of the neighborhood kids to do this as they generally have far better computer skills than I do. I have a lot of stuff I want to transfer and save.

I am getting a lot more comfortable with my smartphone and Kindle which is mildly surprising. I have never been much of a techno geek. 

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